If I practiced saxophone more
I'd play better
I still go to my parents for lunch
so I have time to do many different things.
And the more some idea seems impossible
and requires more insane patient-touchy-filigreelike manual work to complete,
the more I get excited about it.
That can't be good for me.
And photography is easy, it is easier after all.
I borrowed a digital camera two or three times
and took pictures casually - I longed for nice pictures.
Then I edited them on a computer
but only contrast and color,
I didn't add or erase anything - really.
Then I printed them slightly larger, a few of the best ones,
and then some more, and more... because I liked them.
And then, like someone does on drinking
- I was spending all my money in the photo shop.
When friends come to visit,
I vacuum the carpet and arrange the photos on it.
But when I framed one and gave to my friend's sister
as a birthday present, I was really happy to see it, like that,
on the wall, I mean, it looks better framed.
So there, this exhibition was an opportunity
to see my photos nicely framed
and probably also to show off a little
before I go to army in the fall.
(2001 - 2003)